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28. January 2020
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7. February 2020

Innovative jointless natural stone facing for pre-wall installation elements saves costs for craftsmen 

The company CasaFloor GmbH from Wuppertal launches a new type of natural stone cladding for pre-wall installations. The lightweight, jointless stone blocks are offered under the product name "WC-Block". The highlight is the combination of a high-quality natural stone appearance with an extraordinarily fast and easy installation. The complete stone block and WC installation can be carried out in one day by just one person. The standard procedure requires up to 3 days and several craftsmen.

The WC block is made of genuine, thin and unbreakable natural stone sheets cut exactly to size and prefabricated as a hood. When cutting to size, all corners are mitred. Thus the texture of the natural stone continues over the corner and the representative appearance of a solid stone block is created. Panels made of Poraver® expanded glass provide improved sound insulation inside the stone hood and are very light. The entire WC block weighs less than 20 kg. Compared to other insulation materials, the expanded glass panels offer high compressive strength and thus provide more stability to absorb large leverage forces. Furthermore, the panels are waterproof, sustainably manufactured from recycled glass and have a thermal expansion almost like natural stone. This ensures less tension.

Already 27 stone types from quarries all over the world are in the company’s stock as large slabs. Further types can be supplied on request. The layout shapes and elements do not matter, since everything is made to measure, so there is a stone block solution for everything.

CasaFloor as a traditional company is the specialist for working with thin stone in Germany and offers with its stone block cover a worldwide unique system. The company delivers high quality and gives a 5 year product guarantee on the WC-Block products.


CasaFloor GmbH


Video: The WC-Block installation (German)