Optimizing formulation of waterproofing slurries with Poraver®
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7. February 2020
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15. May 2020

Improvement of crack bridging of waterproofing slurries by the use of Poraver®

In the Poraver® Customer Service Center, the effects of different aggregates in the formulation of the waterproofing slurries were tested. Special attention was paid to the crack bridging properties of different Poraver® grains in comparison with conventional products (sand) according to DIN EN 14891. Furthermore, the ratio of cement to polymer in the formulation was varied.

Results of the tests in the Poraver® Customer Service Center

The test series have shown that the crack bridging according to DIN EN 14891 is clearly
positively influenced by Poraver®. The use of Poraver® 0.1-0.3 mm enables an improvement of up to 87 % in a cement-rich system and up to 59 % in a polymer-rich system with no change in the volume-based formulation. Due to their grain shape, the round embedded grains contribute to a change in load transfer compared to angular fine sands and reduce stress peaks. The significant reduction of the Young‘s modulus at similar strengths makes the product even more
malleable. As expected, this effect is higher in less flexible, cement-rich systems.

By replacing a volume fraction of conventional aggregates such as sand with Poraver®, the handling of bagged goods is made considerably easier through weight savings. The product supplemented with Poraver® is also much more economical. By using Poraver® 0.25 - 0.5 mm, for example, a 25 % higher yield is possible compared to a sealing slurry
without Poraver® expanded glass
. This means that the bag weight can be reduced by 20 % for the same area output, e.g. from 25 kg to 20 kg.

Summary of the benefits

In summary, the use of Poraver® expanded glass offers the following specific advantages:

  • Higher product yield

  • Simplified application and easier processing

  • Significantly improved crack bridging

We have summarized these and all other relevant results for you in a new application sheet, which we can now present to you.


Waterproofing slurries are required for the sealing of new buildings or for subsequent
renovation measures on old buildings, both inside and outside. These are used wherever a barrier against water penetration is required.

Waterproofing slurries can be used in the following applications:

  • Sealing of building components which are in contact with the ground

  • Horizontal barrier against ascending humidity

  • Protection against spray water in basement areas

  • Intermediate sealing for humid building components

  • Waterproofing against temporary moisture from inside during the construction phase

  • Sealing before tiling of terraces and balconies

  • In the bathroom / showers

Typically, the sealing slurry is applied directly to the substrate to be sealed. This means that it can easily be applied to masonry, concrete, render or natural stone.

Download application sheet

For further information regarding the test results of our test series we recommend our new application sheet "Waterproofing slurries with Poraver®". You can download the PDF document here.

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