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Poraver in Mexico City
Foto Zieleinfahrt Betonkanu
Concrete canoe race
6. June 2019
Einweihung der Poraver-Straße in Schlüsselfeld
Inauguration “Poraver-Straße”
6. September 2019

Poraver® joint workshop in Mexico City

Mexico City, 18 June 2019

Poraver North America Inc. held a joint workshop on June 18th, 2019 graciously hosted by our distributors CMP Mexico and the supplier Dow Chemical. The workshop took place in Mexico City and had an attendance of over 100 people.

Sales Managers Daniel Modaour (West USA/Mexico) and Traves Ogilvie (East USA) presented lectures on Poraver’s effect on the Young’s modulus, volume-based formulations and comparison to other lightweight aggregates in the market. They were able to showcase the properties and benefits of Poraver® in the construction market ranging in applications from dry mortar to lightweight concrete made with Poraver®. Practical demonstrations regarding the stucco application were also presented in comparison to traditional bagged stucco mixes in the Mexican market.

Poraver Workshop Mexico city practical trials
Sales manager Traves Ogilvie demonstrates the advantages of Poraver® expanded glass to the interested participants in practical trials.

With a promising attendance we can see that the growth and interest of Poraver® Expanded Glass in the Mexican market has been steadily on the rise and we are happy to see the Poraver® name spread in this region.

This is the 3rd Poraver workshop of 2019, the last workshop is expected to be hosted in Northern California in October of this year. Until the next time, adios amigos!