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30. June 2020
Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC)

Glass fiber reinforced lightweight concrete with Poraver®

15. May 2020

Additive manufacturing of lightweight concrete wall elements

14. May 2020
Cornell University Lightweight Concrete Canoe Team 2020

Lightweight concrete canoe with Poraver® finshed from Cornell University

2. April 2020

Coronavirus: We are at your service!

1. April 2020
Auftrag mittels Glättkelle

Optimizing formulation of waterproofing slurries with Poraver®

7. February 2020
Foto von Poraver, Altglas und Glasmehl in Petrischalen

Turning waste glass into expanded glass

4. February 2020
Montage der WC-Block Haube

WC-Block stone cover with Poraver®

28. January 2020
Picture of Concrete furniture rollerboy

High quality furniture made from concrete with Poraver®

20. January 2020
Poraver Technical Workshop in Innisfil - Traves Ogilvie presenting

Poraver North America Technical Workshop Series 2020

16. January 2020
Außenansicht Poraver Kunststoff Center

Innovative glass polymer compounds from the Poraver Kunststoff Center

13. January 2020
Poraver booth WOC 2020 Las Vegas

Poraver® at World of Concrete 2020

19. December 2019

GFRC with Poraver® at the Biennale Weiertal / Winterthur 2019

8. November 2019

Official donation event of Poraver

17. October 2019

Technical Workshop North Hampton, MA

6. September 2019
Einweihung der Poraver-Straße in Schlüsselfeld

Inauguration “Poraver-Straße”

9. July 2019
Poraver Workshop in Mexico City - presentation

Poraver in Mexico City

6. June 2019
Foto Zieleinfahrt Betonkanu

Concrete canoe race

9. May 2019
Foto von Reagenzgläsern - Forschung Poraver

Eastern Coatings Show