Innovative glass polymer compounds from the Poraver Kunststoff Center
Einweihung der Poraver-Straße in Schlüsselfeld
Inauguration “Poraver-Straße”
6. September 2019
Picture of Concrete furniture rollerboy
High quality furniture made from concrete with Poraver®
28. January 2020

The Poraver Kunststoff Center researches and develops advanced glass-polymer compounds based on expanded glass from recycled glass

The plastics industry is growing rapidly. With its innovations, it drives technological progress worldwide. Due to the increasing demand, the need for future-oriented fillers is growing, too. The focus is shifting increasingly to resource-saving and sustainable materials. Poraver® expanded glass made from post-consumer recycled glass is ideally suited to meet these requirements.

Dennert Poraver GmbH, as market leader and worldwide largest manufacturer of expanded glass, has therefore founded the Poraver Kunststoff Center. The newly created research and development facility based in Schlüsselfeld is testing the application of Poraver® expanded glass as a filler in thermoplastics and develops advanced plastic compounds. These glass-polymer compounds combine features from two material worlds and show promising synergy effects, on the basis of which the development of new types of composite materials and innovative plastic products is possible.

Equipped with the latest plant technology and the most up-to-date analysis facilities, the Center is a competent partner and service provider. The team provides support in the development of new products and process technologies and offers access to the excellently equipped technical center.

The Poraver Kunststoff Center represents the first step in establishing a new business area in the plastics sector and it is part of a comprehensive corporate strategy. In addition to the expansion of R&D opportunities in the company, this strategy includes optimizations in the product and production processes as well as the expansion of production capacities in Schlüsselfeld.


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