High quality furniture made from concrete with Poraver®
Außenansicht Poraver Kunststoff Center
Innovative glass polymer compounds from the Poraver Kunststoff Center
16. January 2020
Montage der WC-Block Haube
WC-Block stone cover with Poraver®
4. February 2020

Poraver® expanded glass enhances design objects of OSO Industries

An extremely remarkable example of how Poraver can improve products can be seen at OSO Industries from Brooklin, NY, USA. OSO Industries was founded in 2004 by Eric Weil. Inspired by traditional furniture design from Africa and strongly influenced by the urban living style, Eric Weil discovered concrete as an ideal material to produce high-quality furniture. After all, there are almost no limits to the design of the shape of concrete furniture. Each piece is handcraft and in addition, the surfaces are usually very finely polished, giving the concrete furniture an incomparable charm with timeless elegance.

New edition of the iconic "Rollerboy" with Poraver® expanded glass

One of OSO's first pieces of concrete furniture was the so-called Rollerboy, which helped the company to become well known beyond the borders of New York City in 2005. Since its reissue in 2010, this concrete stool can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Starting in 2018, Erick Weil decided to rely on Poraver® expanded glass as a lightweight aggregate for the formula of the lightweight concrete for the Rollerboy. The perfection of lightweight concrete with Poraver® allowed OSO to expand the Rollerboy family to include other models with more colours and sizes.

Weight savings and lower transport costs

Poraver® enables a weight saving of 30 percent in the final product compared to the old formulation without significantly compromising the high quality standards of OSO Industries in terms of strength. Customers at home appreciate the lower weight of their concrete furniture with Poraver®. Eric Weil is also satisfied, as transport costs have been drastically reduced. The lower weight also saves energy during transport.

The success of the Rollerboy with Poraver enabled OSO Industries to continuously expand its product range with expanded glass. Poraver® has become an integral part of the various concrete mixes that OSO uses. The company now uses Poraver® expanded glass in high-quality prefabricated worktops, sinks and other custom concrete objects.

We are proud to contribute a small part towards OSO’s success and are looking forward to further cooperation.

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