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Official donation event of Poraver
Technical Workshop North Hampton, MA
17. October 2019
GFRC with Poraver® at the Biennale Weiertal / Winterthur 2019
19. December 2019

Fourth annual donation events of Dennert Poraver GmbH

In October 2019, the official donation events of Dennert Poraver GmbH took place for the fourth time. A total of 44 associations and non-profit organizations at the company locations Schlüsselfeld and Postbauer-Heng received donations totalling 47,000 Euro.

This year, Dennert Poraver GmbH hosted these donation events for the fourth time. The numerous associations and organizations from the region of the company’s locations were pleased about the generous donations. The company honored the charitable work of volunteers and their contribution to a lively community spirit.

At two events in October, in Schlüsselfeld and Postbauer-Heng, a total of 47,000 Euro were handed over to regional sports clubs, music clubs, fire brigades, neighborhood aid organizations and other non-profit organizations. For example, the parents' initiative of children suffering from cancer (Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder e.V.) from Nuremberg was specifically supported in renovating the parents flats when help was needed quickly. The Tafel Burgebrach St. Vitus was helped to repair their delivery vehicle. The Association for the Promotion of the swimming pond in Postbauer-Heng received a donation for its preservation. Especially moving is the fate of the young woman Smilla, for whom a benefit concert was organized in Schlüsselfeld.

The two managing directors Andreas Stefan Krafft and Matthias Gebhardt hosted the evenings and thanked the guests for their social commitment on behalf of the company's shareholders Hans Veit and Johanna Dennert. During the events, the audience also received up-to-date information on the status of the new plant in Schlüsselfeld, on the development of the company and on innovative new projects in the field of plastics applications. The plastics industry is increasingly focusing on the use of recycled materials and is following the current trend towards sustainability. The use of Poraver® expanded glass in plastics enables the production of completely new glass polymer compounds with outstanding properties. The first results of the in-house research laboratory, the Poraver Kunststoff Center, have been extremely well received by the industry.

The annual donations to associations and non-profit organizations are in fact only one part of the company's charitable work. Further substantial donations are made each year through the Hans Veit and Johanna Dennert Foundation. The foundation has set itself the task of providing unbureaucratic support to people in need and acute emergencies who - in their situation - cannot expect any help elsewhere. Individual fates are treated strictly confidentially.

If you need help or know someone wo does, you can trustfully contact the foundation via Deacon Georg Paszek in an uncomplicated and non-binding way.


The representatives of the 22 associations from Schlüsselfeld and the surrounding areas were happy about the donations.

Come together bei der Spendenveranstaltung der Dennert Poraver in der Zehntscheune in Schlüsselfeld

After the official handing over of the donation cheques, snacks and drinks were served for a pleasant get-together.


Group picture with the representatives of the organisations in Postbauer-Heng.

CEO Andreas Krafft presents the latest company news to the audience.