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The Poraver Besitz GmbH & Co. KG
3rd Workshop 2017 Chicago, USA
10. August 2017
Workshop 2017 Montreal
31. August 2017

Conversion of the Poraver Besitz GmbH & Co. KG

We are pleased to announce today a very important change within the Poraver® group. The future with Poraver® products offers a wealth of new growth and development opportunities, which we are pushing forward intensively in all areas of our business. At the same time, the company's structure has to be adapted to sustainable growth and consistently aligned to future requirements. Therefore, in March 2015, the non-profit civil law Hans Veit and Johanna Dennert Foundation was founded. Company shares will be transferred to the foundation in the long term in order to shape the Poraver® success story in our sense.

In order to avoid legal and economic risks when transferring company shares, Poraver Besitz GmbH & Co. KG was converted into the legal form of a limited liability company by a shareholders' resolution dated 30.06.2017 with the company name

Poraver Besitz GmbH

As a result of this transformation, the equity base was further strengthened in order to make the Poraver®-group even better for the future. In the process, the existing company has remained unchanged, only in a new legal form. In particular, Poraver Besitz GmbH carries on all rights and obligations of Poraver Besitz GmbH & Co. KG from the past and for the future. Active market processing is continued by Dennert Poraver GmbH and Poraver North America Inc., and there are no changes for the business partners of the two companies.

As a result, the company structure remains unchanged and is as follows: