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Aerogel Thermal Insulating Render
Drainage Screed & Flood Damages
24. February 2016
Application-friendly render
5. May 2017

Aerogel Thermal Insulating Render with Poraver® expanded glass

Developing a high-performance insulation render formulation with improved characteristics by utilising Poraver® expanded glass granules

Aerogels were originally developed for space travel and are highly porous, ultralight solid materials which consist of up to 99.98% air. The material exhibits a very strong microstructure of particle chains with very high intermediate spaces in the form of pores. The air molecules cannot move around in the pores so the increased thermal insulation effect is created. Silicate Aerogels display a very low thermal conductivity and are therefore increasingly implemented as insulation materials in construction products.

Mineral-based Aerogel thermal insulation renders are ultralight, water dispersing and vapour permeable and achieve a high thermal insulation even with thin layer thicknesses.

The high-performance product is particularly suited for internal and external renovation works on historical buildings. The thin spreading layer enables the characteristics of the building to remain virtually unchanged. This innovative building material can also be utilised for rendering masonry as well. Due to the material characteristics, the insulation render can also be classified as “non-combustible, smoke-development free, non-drip”. This means that it can also be applied on façades where previously only insulation materials based on mineral wool could be utilised due to the increased requirements.

Formulation development

Poraver® and Aerogel have been combined for developing a pure mineral-based thermal insulation render to combine the benefits from both lightweight fillers. Cabot Aerogel GmbH supplies Aerogel in 0.01 to 4 millimetre sized granules. Poraver® is mixed into the render as a mineral-based additive material with a grain size of 1-2 mm. Various proportions of Aerogel and Poraver® have been tested. It could be determined upon completion of testing that the compressive strength and the application characteristics had been considerably improved by utilising Poraver® as a filler. The most economical and practical formulation exhibits a coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0.037 W/mK (0.263 BTU in/hr ft² F) ) with a density of 199 kg/m³ (12.4 lb/ft³).

More information, technical data and the guide formulation as PDF

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