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3rd Technical Workshop, Canada
Poraver - Wärmedämmender - Leichtbeton
Thermal insulating lightweight concrete
3. July 2018
Kanalarbeiten Neubau Poraver Werk
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25. October 2018

Third North American Technical Workshop 2018 held in Poraver®’s North American Plant in Innisfil, Canada

Innisfil, Ontario - 19th June 2018

Poraver® North America held its 3rd workshop of 2018 in its North American Plant. Attendees came from a wide range of applications and most were local or in neighbouring states in the USA. The attendees were able to learn from a large number of technical presentations regarding Poraver®’s properties and benefits in several fields.

We also held practical demonstrations in which participants were able to see the advantages of using Poraver® in some of its most popular applications worldwide. This, alongside a Q&A session and some 1-on-1 time between attendees and Poraver® representatives helped to answer any questions and fulfill any requests that the attendees had. Finally, one of the main advantages of holding the workshop at our plant is the ability of taking our attendees on a tour of our facility, outlying the product manufacturing process all the way from our raw source to the packaging stage.

We would like to thank all the attendees for their participation in our event. There is currently one more workshops scheduled for August 2018 in the New York / New Jersey region. Please feel free to contact us to register for our final workshop of the year or to inquire about next year’s workshop locations.

For more information about our upcoming workshops in Northern America, please get in touch with us

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