FOUNDATION - PORAVER® expanded glass



At March 11, 2015 Mr. Hans Veit Dennert and his wife Johanna Dennert established a non-profit civil law foundation, based in Schlüsselfeld. With effect from 31 March 2015, the HANS VEIT UND JOHANNA DENNERT STIFTUNG was recognized as a foundation of the Government of Upper Franconia.

The Foundation will help those in need, regardless of their age, their gender, their religion, of their marital status or their membership of a particular social group, especially people in emergency situations, which are not covered by large-scale donations of professional institutes or the state.

The founders are owners of the Poraver company group, which is the world leader in the development, manufacture and sale of expanded glass granulate with production and development sites in Germany and Canada. In the long term company shares will be transferred to the foundation in order to continue the Poraver group in the sense of the founders. For this structures will be established to ensure the very successful management of the founders also in the future.