Innovations in the plastics industry drive technological progress worldwide. Due to the increasing demand, the need for future-oriented fillers is growing. The focus is increasingly on resource-saving and sustainable materials. Poraver® expanded glass made from post consumer recycled glass meets these requirements as a sustainable filler in the best possible way.

With the Poraver Plastics Center, a new facility was created with the aim of developing and testing modified plastic compounds based on thermoplastics and Poraver® lightweight fillers. The special glass-polymer compounds combine the advantages of glass and plastic in one product and can be made of up to 100 % recycled material by using the Poraver® lightweight fillers and recycled plastics.



The Kunststoff Technical Centre is equipped with the latest plant technology and the corresponding analysis facilities. Therefore we are your competent partner for compound production and process development. The Kunststoff Center team provides professional advice and offers access to the technical center.

We can carry out complex test series for you on our modern injection moulding machine. A modular tool concept guarantees high flexibility in the production of standardized test specimens or customer-specific components. With our experience we support you in the design of parameters and machine configuration.

Our modern equipped laboratory to perform various tests according to international standards.


Determination of mechanical properties
• Tensile properties according to DIN EN ISO 527
• Flexural properties test according to DIN EN ISO 178
• Creep behaviour test according to DIN EN ISO 899
• Charpy impact properties test according to DIN EN ISO 179
• Indentation hardness test according to DIN EN ISO 868
• Score hardness according to VDI/VDE 2616 (Erichsen type 318)

Determination of material properties
• Appartent density test according to DIN EN ISO 60
• Density test of non-cellular plastics test according to DIN EN ISO 1183
• Moisture content according to DIN EN 20287
• Filler content according to DIN EN ISO 3451
• Melt mass flow rate (MFR) and melt volume flow rate (MVR) according to DIN EN ISO 1133
• Flammability test according to UL 94


Talk to our experts about your project. The team will support you in the design of all parameters and the machine configuration. We would be pleased to provide you with test material for your own test series without obligation.


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