Inauguration of the Poraver road to the new production plant Schlüsselfeld
Foto: Die hierarchische Rippenstruktur von Smart Slab
World’s first ceiling made of lightweight concrete and formwork of 3D-printed sandstone – Smart Slab DFAB House
23. January 2019
Außenansicht Poraver Kunststoff Center
Innovative glass polymer compounds from the Poraver Kunststoff Center
16. January 2020

Dennert Poraver GmbH inaugurates street "Poraver-Straße" in Schlüsselfeld, Germany

Schlüsselfeld, September 4 2019

Since the foundation of Dennert Poraver GmbH in 1983, the head office has been located in Schlüsselfeld. Poraver® expanded glass is currently manufactured industrially at two locations in Postbauer-Heng, Germany, and Innisfil, Canada. In 2021, the third production plant in Schlüsselfeld in the immediate vicinity of the head office starts operations. The new plant will enable us to further expand and consolidate the company's global market leadership position through additional capacities and new products. Together with our customers and partners, we are looking to a successful future.

Just in time for the start of construction of the production hall for the new plant, the "Poraver-Straße" in Schlüsselfeld was inaugurated on Wednesday, September 4, 2019. The street leading to the new production plant was named after our product Poraver®, which will be industrially manufactured on site from 2021. Matthias Gebhardt, Andreas Stefan Krafft and David Veit Krafft, the three managing directors of Dennert Poraver GmbH, installed the road sign and officially inaugurated Poraver street.

Construction work on "Poraver-Straße" will continue from 9 September 2019 with the construction of the production hall. You can follow the current status of the construction work via our Live Webcam.