Glass fiber reinforced lightweight concrete with Poraver®
Additive manufacturing of lightweight concrete wall elements (LC3D)
15. May 2020
Außenansicht Haus am Hang Wiesloch aus Leichtbeton mit Poraver
Monolithic hillside house made of lightweight concrete
24. July 2020

Poraver® optimizes the properties of glass fiber reinforced concrete

In order to achieve a reduced density with at the same time high stability in glass fibre concrete (GFRC), Poraver® expanded glass is the first choice as a lightweight aggregate.

Glass fiber concrete is a building material based on natural raw materials. Its special character creates vivid surfaces and offers unique design possibilities. The glass fibers added to the concrete increase the stability of the components and thus enable even more filigree shaping. Poraver® expanded glass significantly reduces the weight, making the handling, assembly and fastening processes much easier. Further advantages with Poraver® are higher yields of the formulations and a significantly reduced thermal conductivity. All products made of GFRC with Poraver® comply with building material class A2 according to DIN 4102-1 and are therefore non-combustible.

Application Areas

The areas of application of GFRC are extremely diverse due to its almost unlimited design possibilities and include:

  • Columns

  • Sculptures

  • Ceilings

  • Artificial rocks

  • Facade elements

  • Veneers, Covers

  • Concrete furniture

More information about glass fiber reinforced lightweight concrete with Poraver®

In our new application sheet we have summarized the most important information on glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) with Poraver® as a free download. You will find there further application examples. The Poraver® Customer-Servicecenter will also provide you with a guide formulation and the most important results of our laboratory measurements.

Download application sheet

Get here the application sheet GFRC with Poraver® as PDF file:

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