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Drainage Screed & Flood Damages
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25. September 2015
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8. June 2016


Drainage Screed against Flood Damages

Extreme floods in recent years have necessitated the costly and time-consuming renovation and rehabilitation of numerous buildings worldwide. The company eSKa-Drain and Poraver have developed a permanent protection for floors in flood-prone buildings. The water permeable system contains of gravel, expanded glass granulate, and VOC-free resin. The cement-free system is easy to use, provides thermal insulation, and protects against new water damage. Due to the screed’s short curing time of 24 hours, construction project can be completed in one week.

The base drainage layer consists of thermally insulating Poraver expanded glass granulate, bonded with VOC-free resin from eSKa-Drain. On this particularly lightweight insulating layer an underfloor heating system is installed and covered with eSKa-Drain leveling screed. In addition holes are drilled into the concrete floor and provided with special plugs. In the event of flooding, the plugs are easy to open so that the water can go through the water-permeable screed and insulation layer into the basement where it can be drained. The floor, together with the underfloor heating, will not be damaged.

The drainage layers together with the underfloor heating system easily drying again and do not have to be removed or replaced. Damaged surface floorings such as parquet, laminate or carpet must be replaced anyway. To avoid this problem too, a tiled surface with a special drainage grout from Eska-drain could be installed alternatively.


The floors of the exemplary building project also had to be replaced several times at great cost after the floods. For this reason the owners opted for the permanent solution with eSKa-Drain and Poraver®. The building company Bau-Schulze from Dresden installed the user-friendly two-component system over 65 m² of the residential property. The used special binder is without volatile organic substances (VOC-free). Poraver is a health-friendly and recommended insulation material made of 100% glass. The expanded glass granulate is extremely resistant and provides excellent thermal conductivity of 0.07 W/(m∙K).

The floor of reference building project had to be replaced several times at great cost after the floods.
The base drainage layer consists of thermally insulating Poraver expanded glass granulate, bonded with VOC-free resin.
On the insulating layer made from Poraver the underfloor heating is installed.
The underfloor heating system is covered after installation with eSKa-Drain leveling screed for the flooring.


The eSKa-Drain screed has been used as an efficient drainage system for balconies and terraces for many years. The reference project shows that the system is a particularly efficient interior solution and provides continuous protection against water damage in flood areas. Civil engineer Achim Uhlig from the Bau-Schulze GmbH sees the system as a pioneering solution: “Industrial companies are completely paralyzed during floods. Everything has to be rebuilt, renovated and renewed. The eSKa-Drain system with Poraver expanded glass would prevent production downtime or significantly reduce it. Operations and equipment would quickly be ready for use again!”


For more information about eSKa-drain and their products please visit eSKa-Drain. The innovative system of ESKA-drain has been successfully used since 1998 and combines excellent characteristics:

  • Screed and drainage layer in a product
  • Cement-free and water permeable screed
  • Curing in only 24 hours
  • low layer thickness (from 2 cm incl. covering)
  • easy processing and simple construction
  • Binder VOC-free (no volatile organic substances)
  • Reduction of weight with the light version