Lightweight concrete canoe with Poraver® finished from Cornell University
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2. April 2020
Additive manufacturing of lightweight concrete wall elements (LC3D)
15. May 2020

The Cornell University team uses Poraver® expanded glass for the lightweight concrete formulation to optimize their concrete canoe.

The private Cornell University of Ithaca, NY is one of the most renowned universities worldwide. Poraver North America Inc. has been supporting the concrete canoe team at Cornell University for several years. Led by Julia Bausano (civil engineering), the team can already look back on considerable success.

This series of success was to be continued this year as well. Therefore, the young research team had developed a completely new concrete canoe for this year's season, the positive characteristics of which were consistently confirmed in previous tests. Sadly, the worldwide outbreak of the corona crisis prevented this year's concrete canoe regattas. The team hopes to be able to report renewed successes next year.

Why does Cornell University use Poraver® expanded glass?

The team's vision is to create an improved lightweight concrete canoe able to float in water, while also focusing on a sustainable and environmentally friendly design at the same time. Poraver® expanded glass helps the team achieve these goals with the added benefit of sustainability: it is made from recycled glass and therefore conserves resources. Poraver® expanded glass is also 100 percent mineral and, as an aggregate, makes concrete very light yet stable. As a result, concrete canoes can be designed with a particularly filigree structure and excellent floating properties can be achieved.

We are grateful for the trust placed in Poraver® and wish Julia Bausano and the Cornell University team all the best for the future. We hope that they will soon have the opportunity to demonstrate the potential of Poraver® lightweight concrete canoes again. A special thank goes to Wyatt Marshall (Fig. 2), our point of contact, who shared the pictures and information with us.

More about the concrete canoe team of Cornell University.

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