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Concrete canoe regatta
Participants orf the workshop were able to try out Poraver as an aggregate.
Workshop Orlando, FL
12. April 2019
Poraver Workshop in Mexico City Presentation
Poraver in Mexico City
9. July 2019

Poraver® supports the concrete canoe teams with expanded glass material 

In Germany, the concrete canoe regatta was organized by the Federal Association of the German Cement Industry (Bundesverband der Deutschen Zementindustrie e.V.) for the first time in 1986. The concrete boat building competition with subsequent boat race takes place every two years. The last race was held in Cologne in 2017. The participants come from technical colleges, universities and other institutions where concrete technology is taught. This year the concrete canoe regatta will take place on the Neckar river near Heilbronn. For the concrete canoes application techniques with light concrete are investigated. The event combines concrete and boat building, sporting competition and fun in one.

Lightweight concrete as raw material for the canoes

More than 1,000 students from 120 teams are not only interested in the canoeing event. The main challenge is to build a fast and lightweight boat out of concrete. The canoe should be stable and well positioned in the water. The fact that concrete floats at all is the result of the right combination of Archimedean physics, craftsmanship and the use of suitable materials such as lightweight concrete. This is used by many teams today. Lightweight concrete is characterised by the fact that "light aggregates" such as expanded glass granulate with a lower density are added to the classic concrete.

Photo of a concrete canoe in construction
A concrete canoe made of lightweight concrete in the construction phase.

Poraver® expanded glass in concrete reduces the density

Poraver® expanded glass makes a significant contribution to success with its positive properties. As a lightweight aggregate, the granulate reduces the density of the concrete and makes robust boats possible. Poraver® is purely mineral and is produced from waste glass in a sustainable way. The raw glass is processed in a thermal process. The result is high-quality, lightweight expanded glass granulate with fine air voids inside the grain. Because of its porous structure, the specific density of Poraver® expanded glass is only 500 to 950 kg/m³, depending on the different grain sizes. The addition of this material considerably reduces the bulk density of the lightweight concretes, whose density by definition already starts at 2,000 kg/m³.

Poraver® supports the canoe teams with expanded glass

Many teams want to increase their previous year's result. That is why they are working on improved properties for their lightweight concrete. Dennert Poraver GmbH already supports several universities with Poraver® expanded glass made of recycled glass.

We wish all participants a successful race in the next competition.

We can support your team, too!

If your team should also benefit from Poraver®, the high-quality lightweight aggregate made of recycled glass? Please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Further information and the next dates can be found on the website of the organizer Deutsche Zement- und Betonindustrie.

More information about lightweight concrete with expanded glass can be found on our application overview page or here .

Detailfoto Betonkanu Regatta
We are looking forward to the next Concrete Canoe regatta.