13,400 m² expanded glass acoustic ceiling for the Louvre Abu Dhabi
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4. September 2017
Foto eines zellularen Verbungwerkstoffs mit Poraver
Syntactic Foams with Poraver® as cellular filler
19. January 2019

Lahnau Akustik built the first seamless cooling ceiling made of expanded glass in the United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, also the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, is implementing one of the most important of several planned museum projects with the Louvre Abu Dhabi. In this museum of superlatives, more than 13,400 m² of seamless acoustic ceilings made of Poraver® expanded glass were installed

13,400 m² seamless acoustic ceilings made of Poraver® expanded glass

The high summer temperatures in Abu Dhabi require elaborate systems for cooling in the exhibition buildings. A substantial part of the cooling capacity inside the buildings is provided by an acoustic ceiling cooling system from Lahnau Akustik GmbH, a major part of which consists of Poraver® expanded glass. In the entrance area of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, around 1,400 m² of these state-of-the-art acoustic cooling ceilings and more than 12,000 m² of acoustic ceilings were installed seamlessly. These are the first and so far only seamless acoustic cooling ceilings made of Poraver® expanded glass in the United Arab Emirates.

Louvre Abu Dhabi - Exterior
Louvre Abu Dhabi exterior
(© Louvre Abu Dhabi, Photography: Mohamed Somji)
Foto: Innenansicht vom Louvre Abu Dhabi
Interior view of the entrance area after completion of the jointless acoustic cooling ceiling

Poraver® was chosen because of the high-quality appearance and quality of the acoustic ceilings made of expanded glass.

Lahnau Akustik GmbH was awarded the contract because of the high-quality optics and outstanding quality of the Mikropor ceiling and because state-of-the-art technology and comfort could be integrated invisibly in one system. Poraver® expanded glass makes a major contribution to the success of the project. The fine porosity and the homogeneous, finely structured surface of the plaster convinced architects and clients alike. The mineral Poraver® expanded glass granulate makes the panels very light and insensitive to temperature and humidity. Machining is also particularly easy and requires no special tools. Inorganically bonded, Mikropor acoustic panels comply with building material class A2 (non-combustible). In addition, Poraver® expanded glass granules are also used as an additive in the coating of the surface. In addition to its structure and acoustic properties, it is also responsible for the simple processing of the acoustic plaster.

Dennert Poraver GmbH is proud to be part of such a remarkable project and congratulates its long-standing partner Lahnau Akustik on this exceptional building result in the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Please find more information in the official press release.

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Foto: Poraver Mikrover Akustik Platten
A high proportion of the Mikropor acoustic cooling ceilings are made of Poraver® expanded glass.
Foto: Louvre Abu Dhabi während der Installation der Kühldecken
Installation of the acoustic cooling ceilings in the Louvre Abu Dhabi